Why Choose Co-Pilot Over Other Trucking Companies?

Because we are the “yes we can” people

Who Is Co-Pilot?

We are a Trucking and Dispatch company operating in the Lower mainland and Fraser Valley

We've been operating for over 40 years

We work with our customers to make sure that we provide the service they require at the best price.

What is Co-Pilot?

We supply dump trucks, aggregates and other soil removal services such as dump sites.

At Co-PIlot, we listen to our customers

We provide all the information our customers need in order to give them the best service possible.

Why Choose Co-Pilot?

We are able to supply one truck to forty trucks of various configurations.

What makes us special?

We also provide all our customers with clean and easy to understand billing.

What Else? We will always put our best foot forward!

We provide more than just dump trucks and hauling.  We provide a full suite of services including:
  • Fill Sites & Spoil Removal
  • Sand & Gravel Aggregates
  • Residential
  • Equipment Sales
  • Street Sweeping
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